Trials form the staple of the All Wheel Drive Club calendar with an event taking place somewhere in the country almost every weekend...

There are different trials classes to suit every type of 4x4 vehicle each running over terrain suitable for that particular class of vehicle whether it be Standard or highly Modified.

If you want to put your driving skills and your 4x4 to the test then Trials will provide the means to do it. Drivers from the age of 13 are catered for in Tyro Trials which often run alongside the other classes over more appropriate terrain.

For full information on the wide range of Trials events please see the following articles...

Trials Classes

Trials Classes have evolved over the last few years. Here are the definitive class structures for 2018


Trials Formats

There are two basic formats of trial - the traditional 10 gate trial where the course resembles a slalom with pairs of numbered gates and 5 gate  trials which feature a closed area within which there are a number of gates which can be tackled in any order.


Marshalling Trials

Duties of Marshals and the rules of a trial.’
Marshals are required on the day of the trial to ensure the smooth running of the event. The number needed depends on many things, i.e. the type of trial, the venue, the size of entry, etc.  A marshal's duties are to officiate at each section (or as directed by the Clerk of the Course) and to ensure that each section is clear of vehicles and spectators before a competitor is allowed to attempt the section.


Trials Technical Regulations 2018

These regulations apply to vehicles taking part in all trials. Modified vehicles taking part in events held wholly on private property need not be registered, taxed or be fitted with a speedometer..
All vehicles should be presented for scrutineering in a clean condition.




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